You’re guzzling two coffees and double fisting pastries to kickstart your morning.

You’re crashing by 2 pm and barely awake by the time it’s time for dinner with your friends and family. You can barely focus on the task in front of you.

You look in the #mirror, and wish that extra pudge around the waist wasn’t there, and there’s those holiday outfits you’d love to put on, but know you aren’t quite that crazy about your body yet.

If this is you, you’re going to want to join my Facebook group, where I’ll be going live for 20 days to help you lose excess pounds and fat before the Holidays.

We start the day after Thanksgiving, so make sure you get in there and reserve your spot by then.

I’m only letting a certain amount of people in so that we can make this as #effective and #powerful as possible. Drop an emoji in the comments if you’d be into that, and I’ll get you the exclusive link to the group!