Since childhood, I realized the power of finding and following my passion. At a young age, I questioned the traditional narrative that lacked financial stability. When I was 10 years old, I had a paper route, which would sometimes have to pay for the electricity or the groceries. 

In corporate America, I saw that companies lacked financial foresight. They weren’t creating legacy organizations – they were only focused on the next quarter and the bottom line. If that’s the way you think, you’re not planning for the future, and you’re not creating a foundation. That’s wrong. That’s not the right way to think.

I felt a calling to create something generational. Something that can help you focus on truly living to your potential, what God put you on earth to do: to make a difference and help other people. If you don’t have to worry about money, you can do all of this.

In 2013, I almost died. With there being no medical reason as to why I survived, I felt this obligation to find out what my gifts were. And entrepreneurship was calling my name. 

After decades of being in leadership positions in the IT corporate world, the opportunity arrived to be connected with Isagenix, and with millionaire experts like Robert Kyosaki and Kate Northrup advocating for any entrepreneur to spend at least 5 years in a direct marketing company to learn business, I immediately started building my side hustle.

But that’s just a fraction of my experience in business and where entrepreneurship has taken me – as the founder of my cybersecurity company and House of Valor, a nonprofit for men, I have built a team around me to now help other entrepreneurs like you to hone in on your calling and how you can create prosperity for you and their families.

So that you don’t have to worry about money – you can focus on raising your kids, helping them grow, and teaching them how to be good human beings. 

You can truly find and revel in the gifts that God has bestowed upon you to find what you’re put here on earth to do.

Create a Legacy was founded because I have an obligation to my family to have the whole package. There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have the whole package. God created the awesome hillsides, the incredible fields of blooming flowers and they take your breath away. God created you, and you have the ability to take your own breath away, to take other people’s breath away, through the life that you are living. God didn’t create you to not have the whole package.

I continue to grow and improve myself, and you can too. With my business coaching, I am helping you create a multigenerational family legacy, and feel good while doing it! You can be an example for others to follow by enthusiastically pursuing your potential.

It’s not difficult to do this, you’re fully capable! Everything you need is within you, I am simply your tour guide. If you want to have the same transformation, reach out today!