Do you know me as the isagenix guy?

Or maybe you know me as the cyber security guy with @cybersecurity4everyone?

Or maybe you just think I’m just a fun guy!

And maybe you ask yourself: How can this guy possibly wear this many hats and keep it all together?

How can this guy have all these brands, yet still have time to volunteer for his son’s theater productions, take impromptu trips across the nation for business development, and go on multiple vacations with his family?

Do you want that?

Maybe what you’re doing instead is..

You’re taking clients just because you need the income that they bring, but they’re not really your ideal clients…

You want to grow your business, but you’re so busy trying to keep your head above water, you’re not actually to think about the next step.

I can help you get to that with my signature, new coaching program, Create Your Legacy Coaching.

You’ll  finally know how to actually run a business while being able to continue to be amazing at your area of expertise. Contact me if you’re interested!